Miracles Do Happen

Creating your own universe. Believing in miracles. Positive thoughts manifesting a life of miracles. That’s what ‘Miracles Do Happen’ reminds you of. It reminds the artist of what overall happiness and mindfulness FEELS like, and the feeling is always the most important thing we should focus on – feeling good all the time. We create our reality with our thoughts, and this painting helps the viewers to vibrate higher and attract better things and thoughts into their lives.

The Artist & Interior Architect Emmi Granlund is known for her uplifting and vibrating energy paintings that reflect her inner world and bring happiness and higher vibration into any space. Granlund has had solo art exhibitions in NYC, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Nashville and Helsinki. She is currently based in Helsinki, Finland, with her family.
Helsinki, Finland
101cm x 101cm x 4cm
40 in x 40 in x 2 in
Acrylic on canvas
1540 €
The price includes VAT 10% and shipping in Finland. Shipping is available worldwide. Contact us via info@emmigranlund.com to purchase or via contact form below.

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located in Helsinki, Finland.