Emmi Granlund, 30, is an internationally known artist, interior architect, musician and model, represented by Paparazzi Model Management in Helsinki, Finland and The Block Agency in Nashville, Tennessee.
Best known for her uplifting and vibrating energy paintings that reflect her inner world and bring happiness and higher vibration into any space, Granlund has had solo art exhibitions in NYC, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Nashville and Helsinki. She is currently based in Helsinki, Finland, with her family.
Throughout over a decade in the creative field, Granlund has been trusted with a wide variety of projects, including illustrations for magazines, website design, graphic design, art commissions, international campaigns & magazine covers as fashion model, meanwhile building her own brands, CHAINE (www.chaine.co) and The F-Edition (www.fedited.com) and furthering her interior architecture & design studies with Feng Shui principles and energy studies.
Recently Granlund has been awakening her love for singing and playing piano, creating and self-producing a few soulful songs, including ‘Moment’ that reminds us to live now and here in this moment, as it’s all there is.
For further information, partnership proposals or press requests contact info@emmigranlund.com.